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 * Copyright (c) 1995 Danny Gasparovski.
 * Please read the file COPYRIGHT for the 
 * terms and conditions of the copyright.

#ifndef _SBUF_H_
#define _SBUF_H_

#define sbflush(sb) sbdrop((sb),(sb)->sb_cc)
#define sbspace(sb) ((sb)->sb_datalen - (sb)->sb_cc)

struct sbuf {
      u_int sb_cc;            /* actual chars in buffer */
      u_int sb_datalen; /* Length of data  */
      char  *sb_wptr;   /* write pointer. points to where the next
                         * bytes should be written in the sbuf */
      char  *sb_rptr;   /* read pointer. points to where the next
                         * byte should be read from the sbuf */
      char  *sb_data;   /* Actual data */

void sbfree _P((struct sbuf *));
void sbdrop _P((struct sbuf *, int));
void sbreserve _P((struct sbuf *, int));
void sbappend _P((struct socket *, struct mbuf *));
void sbappendsb _P((struct sbuf *, struct mbuf *));
void sbcopy _P((struct sbuf *, int, int, char *));


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