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/* Copyright 2005 Renzo davoli VDE-2
 * Some code from vde_switch Copyright 2002 Jeff Dike
 * Licensed under the GPLv2

#ifndef __SWITCH_H__
#define __SWITCH_H__

typedef unsigned char uchar;
#define FSTP
/* POLL Main LOOP Optimization */
#define OPTPOLL

#define free(X) ({ printf("MDBG-FREE %p %s %d\n",(X),__FILE__,__LINE__); \
                free(X); })
#define malloc(X) ({ void *x; x=malloc(X); \
                printf("MDBG-MALLOC %p %s %d\n",x,__FILE__,__LINE__); \
                x; })
#define strdup(X) ({ void *x; x=strdup(X); \
                printf("MDBG-STRDUP %p %s %d\n",x,__FILE__,__LINE__); \
                x; })
#define realloc(Y,X) ({ void *x,*old; \
                x=realloc(old,(X)); \
                printf("MDBG-REALLOC %p->%p %s %d\n",old,x,__FILE__,__LINE__); \
                x; })

struct swmodule {
      char *swmname; /* module name */
      char swmtag;   /* module tag - computer by the load sequence */
      char swmnopts; /* number of options for getopt */
      struct option *swmopts; /* options for getopt */
      void (*usage)(void); /* usage function: command line opts explanation */
      int (*parseopt)(int parm,char *optarg); /* parse getopt output */
      void (*init)(void); /* init */
      void (*handle_input)(unsigned char type,int fd,int revents,int *arg); /* handle input */
      void (*cleanup)(unsigned char type,int fd,int arg); /*cleanup for files or final if fd == -1 */
      struct swmodule *next;

void add_swm(struct swmodule *new);
void del_swm(struct swmodule *old);
unsigned char add_type(struct swmodule *mgr,int prio);
void del_type(unsigned char type);
void add_fd(int fd,unsigned char type,int arg);
void remove_fd(int fd);

#define STDRCFILE "/etc/vde.rc"

#define ETH_ALEN 6

#define INIT_HASH_SIZE 128
#define DEFAULT_PRIORITY 0x8000
#define INIT_NUMPORTS 32
#define DEFAULT_COST 20000000 /* 1Mbit line */

extern char *prog;
extern unsigned char switchmac[];
extern unsigned int  priority;

#define NUMOFVLAN 4095
#define NOVLAN 0xfff


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