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#ifndef _VDEPLUGIN_H
#define _VDEPLUGIN_H
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <stdio.h>

/* command type constants */
/* doit signature:
 * int doit (
 *            FILE *f,        *** only when WITHFILE
 *            int fd,         *** only when WITHFD
 *            int|char *arg)  *** when INTARG or STRARG */
/* if type==NOARG  int doit()
 * if type==INTARG   int doit(int arg)
 * if type==WITHFILE|WITHFD|STRARG int doit(FILE *f,int fd,char *arg)
 * doit returns 0 on success otherwise it returns a valid errno code */
#define NOARG 0 /*the command require no args */
#define INTARG 1 /* arg is an integer */
#define STRARG 2 /* arg is a string */
#define WITHFILE 0x40 /* command needs to return text output.
                                                                         (the output will be sent to the user using
                                                                         "0000 DATA END WITH '.'") */
#define WITHFD 0x80 /* fd is the identifier of the mgmt connection issuing
                                                                   the command. fd== -1 when the command is executed by
                                                                   an rc file. Fd should not be considered a file
                                                                   descriptor, */

typedef int (*intfun)();

/* command structure */
struct comlist {
      char *path; /*pathname of the command: pathname structured */
      char *syntax; /*description of the syntax */
      char *help; /*description of the command for help listings */
      int (*doit)(); /* the call back to the command code */
      unsigned char type; /* types of command: see constants above */
      /* the following field is for management. never set or change it*/
      struct comlist *next;

/* pre-defined TAGs */
#define D_PACKET 01000
#define D_MGMT 02000
#define D_IN 01
#define D_OUT 02
#define D_PLUS 01
#define D_MINUS 02
#define D_DESCR 03
#define D_STATUS 04
#define D_ROOT 05
#define D_HASH 010
#define D_PORT 020
#define D_EP 030
#define D_FSTP 040
/* debug/event structure */
struct dbgcl {
      char *path; /* pathname structured debug/event request */
      char *help; /* description for debug options listing
                                                 if help==NULL the entry will be used only for 
                                                 plugin event publish/subscribe not directly accessible
                                                 from the user interface */
      int tag;    /* numerical tag of the debug/event */
      /* the following fields are for management. never set or change them*/
      int *fds;
      intfun (*fun);
      void **funarg;
      unsigned short nfds;
      unsigned short nfun;
      unsigned short maxfds;
      unsigned short maxfun;
      struct dbgcl *next;

/* plugin element: one element named "vde_plugin_data" must
 * be defined otherwise the dynamic library will not be recognized
 * as a vde plugin module */
struct plugin {
      /* name of the plugin, it should be unique, maybe pathname structured.
       * it identifies the plugin for listing and unloading plugins */
      char *name;
      /* description of the plugin for listings */
      char *help;
      /* the following fields should never be set or changed by
       * plugin modules */
      void *handle;
      struct plugin *next;

/* this adds a new management fd */
void mgmtnewfd(int new);

#define ADDCL(CL) addcl(sizeof(CL)/sizeof(struct comlist),(CL))
#define ADDDBGCL(CL) adddbgcl(sizeof(CL)/sizeof(struct dbgcl),(CL))
#define DELCL(CL) delcl(sizeof(CL)/sizeof(struct comlist),(CL))
#define DELDBGCL(CL) deldbgcl(sizeof(CL)/sizeof(struct dbgcl),(CL))
#define DBGOUT(CL, ...) \
        if (__builtin_expect(((CL)->nfds) > 0, 0)) debugout((CL), __VA_ARGS__)
#define EVENTOUT(CL, ...) \
        if (__builtin_expect(((CL)->nfun) > 0, 0)) eventout((CL), __VA_ARGS__)


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